Home Sleep Study

In-home sleep testing.

Having an In-home sleep study done may be the first step in identifying if you suffer from sleep apnea.

Don’t want to be in a sleep lab
with strangers watching you sleep?
Would you prefer to avoid the sticky gels or pastes?

Guess what? You can! Our sleep physicians can help you by prescribing a home sleep study. Home sleep testing has been proven to be as effective as a A traditional sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea in adults.

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In-home Sleep Study..

Do you qualify for in home sleep study?

If your answer(s) to any of the following questions is "YES" then you may qualify..

» Are you between the age of 18-65?
» Do you snore?
» Do you stop breathing in your sleep? Or has someone witnessed you stop breathing in your sleep?
» Do you wake up with headaches in the mornings?
» Are you tired during the day?
» Do you have restless legs when at rest?
You DO NOT qualify for In-home sleep study if you have suffered from any of the following conditions:
» Stroke
» Hypertension
» Heart Problems
» Neuromuscular conditions
» Paralysis
** If you have a history of any of the conditions listed above then a complete lab sleep study is required.