to the In-home sleep testing Center and the Adult Sleep Center...

Dr.Ajayi is certified by the AASM and have been practicing medicine in Central Florida for over 10 years.

Do you snore???

  • Does your snoring wake up your spouse or partner?
    Do you stop breathing in your sleep?
    Do you wake up gasping for air? Do you wake up tired in the morning?

    If the answer is YES, then you may have Sleep Apnea. (This is a condition where you stop breathing in your sleep). If left untreated, the long term consequences of
    sleep apnea include:
    » Hypertension and/or Heart Failure
    » Strokes
    » Obesity
    » Headaches
    » Poor work performance
    » Increased risk of motor Vehicle accidents.

    Having an In-home sleep study done may be the first step in identifying if you suffer from sleep apnea.